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Idea Behind 

In this modern generation where we are too absorbed in our daily routine and our mindsets, we can spare our some time that will add value to the society if we know where to utilize it.

Sahrdaya provides you an opportunity to give your best to those who actually need it. We can donate our time for someone’s well being ( Teaching, Music, Helping hand) or we can donate the basic requirements like books, clothes, homeware, food; to those who are not as privileged as us.

Sahrdaya also provides a  platform to initiate an event and  get together to do things for the society. Creating a better place to dwell in.

NGOs, social groups can display their work, upcoming events and also display their products to sell. They can also generate the requirement of their need. 

So, if you think you want to extend a hand to a social cause , then come join the Sahrdaya Family.

Come forward and Make a Difference to the society in which you live!!

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